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Welcome to the official page of Team HQ! As a program in its first year, we’re pleased to announce that we have a team for just about any grade on the boys side. On the girls side, we have 5 teams, and we’re looking to expand. Are you looking for a basketball home? You have found the place! All of our programs (middle school and under) go year round, at an affordable price. Sign up now or apply for a scholarship with Team HQ!

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Team HQ Family

Girls Coaches Team
Coach CC Randle 5th Grade
Coach John Dell 7th Grade
Coach Yves Saintelo 8th Grade
Coach Alissa Lloyd 16u
Coach Antione Newson 16u
Boys Coaches Team
Coach Casey Stephens 2nd Grade
Coach Joshua Gibbs 3rd, 4th, 15u
Coach Shawn Elliott 5th Grade
Coach Jeremy Cannon 6th Grade
Coach Rebecca Thompson 6th Grade
Coach Antione Newson 7th Grade
Coach Mike Brown 7th Grade
Coach Kyle Whitson 8th Grade
Coach Robb Baggs 8th Grade
Coach Phil Scowden 8th Grade
Coach Xavier Bell 15u
Coach Yves Saintelo 16u
Coach Jason Davis 17u