HBSML Charitable Foundation

Placing Youth on the Path to Success

At Team HQ Basketball, we are strong believers in the ability of our youth to succeed. Our purpose is to improve opportunities for local youth to participate in basketball and improve their skills. Our mission is to teach our athletes the guiding principles of teamwork, dedication, discipline, hard-work, effort, and sportsmanship.

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The HBSML Charitable Organization will raise the level of competition in the community, which will raise confidence in the youth, all while teaching perseverance, work ethic, sportsmanship, and so much more. The biggest thing HBSML Charitable Organization will focus on is inclusivity. Those kids in the community that cannot afford training will be met with scholarship opportunities that allows them to take part in everything that will be offered.


The mission of the HBSML Charitable Organization is to help foster contributing members of the community through the use of basketball. The youth will learn valuable life lessons from the sport that they will apply directly to their everyday life.


To give every youth an opportunity to compete and grow as a player and person.

Team HQ Basketball

Placing Youth on the Path to Success

Team HQ basketball comes directly from HBSML Charitable Foundation (How basketball saved my life), and was created to give kids a chance to play basketball, but also learn life lessons through the game of basketball. The club has grown tremendously, and continues to serve the youth and their families in the Norman, Oklahoma City, and surrounding areas.

HBSML Community Outreach

Public Speaking

You Must Evolve Like Pokémon (HBSML)

The human race is much like Pokémon, a species of creatures that we’ve all grown to love. What’s the similarities? Like Pokémon, people too must evolve in order to thrive. Dive in now to listen first hand on the similarities.

Life is full of races (HBSML)

Yves Saintelo visits an elementary school in Norman to discuss the many different types of races they will run in life, and the one they are currently running. Did you know you were running a race right now, as you read this? Dive in!

School is a vehicle for your destination

You are not alone, I hated school too! I hated school because I didn't understand how to use school. Once I was introduced to basketball, it was then I made the shift to looking at school differently because I had my eyes set on something bigger than myself. How are you choosing to look at it? What do you aspire to be? School is a vehicle, will you let it drive you to your destination?

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At Team HQ Basketball, we believe that the opportunity to enjoy basketball and develop skills should not be limited based on a families ability to pay. Our children are the future and we are here to help them reach their fullest potential. Donate today, and make a world of difference in a child’s life.

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