Team HQ Basketball, was started because we felt the need for opportunity in our local community. We will provide the skill development along with team experience needed to compete at a high level. Our program will provide the experience of organized basketball and allow our athletes to play and compete with both local and domestic competition. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that will promote success. We target athletes who desire to play competitively and give 100% effort every time they step onto a court.

Yves Saintelo


“I started coaching because I wanted to give back what coaches in my past have given to me. I got my official coaching start in 2014 when I started coaching 8th grade girls, and I’ve been honored to pour into the youth up to this point. I look forward to continuing to serve the youth for years to come!”

Joshua Gibbs

Vice President

"Basketball always gave me purpose. It gave me direction in life and I don’t know where I would be without it. My mission now is to help others belong like I was able to for all these years. If you ask me, basketball is the greatest sport in the world, and I’m happy that I’m getting to impact lives with basketball as the tool of choice."

Antione Newson

Program Coordinator

"I had such a high ceiling, but I was not able to actualize my dreams. Wouldn’t it be cool to help others learn life lessons, become a better young adult, and reach their goals? Oh wait, I can do that! It is these things that helped me make the decision to get in to the service role, and it’s one of the best decisions I have made thus far."